Hi GISS! Thank you for sharing my song, ‘Blu’! I wrote it back in 2017 which is when I properly started writing music! (Learnt a lot from Trommel AG with Frau Scheufler!)

I listen to a lot of musicians like ‘BENEE’, ‘Jorja Smith’, ‘Joy Crookes’ and ‘Bon Iver’ which I think inspire my music and song writing but for ‘Blu’ I was inspired by colours and how colour can affect our mood so I turned it into a metaphor accommodating my emotions at the time.

Lyrically the song is about being vulnerable and ‘painting the town blue’ for someone that wouldn’t do the same, which is ok but hard to go through. I really liked how the chords and the lyrics flowed together so after showing it to my band (Redshift) and my teacher last year, I got the chance to record it and work with some producers and musicians to bring it to life. I hope you enjoy it

PIlar Pimenta, who left GISS in 2015 sent us this message about her song which is available on Spotify:

Ex GISS student, a star on the rise...