Finishing up at GISS in May 2018 seems like a millennia ago. Now in the later part of my Science and Economics degree at the Australian National University down in cold Canberra, I’ve experienced the joys and challenges of moving away from home living on campus for three  years at Burton and Garran Hall. Starting my university journey here was a great basis to embark on new adventures with new friends, experience a variety of sports (long-distance running & ultimate frisbee) and of course late nights at both the library and the pub (fortunately skewed towards the latter).

In the past year, my focus has shifted towards identifying professional workspaces within the data science space that I enjoy and thrive in the most. Through this I’ve had experience working for ACT Health working alongside epidemiologists and other public health specialists, even getting the opportunity to directly work with ACT’s chief health officer and chief minister within the COVID-19 response team. I’ve had the chance to integrate my economics and data science skills with the National Skills Commission and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Next up will be interning at the management consultancy firm, Nous Group and then deferring my university studies early next year travelling to Southeast Asia and the Middle East to later finishing up my university studies at the end of next year!