Marie Gaebel
IB Scholarship 2015-2017 | from Heidelberg, Germany

After GISS, I moved to the Netherlands to study psychology at the University of
Amsterdam. As I was particularly interested in the psychology behind (brand) marketing and communications I switched to a Bachelor of Science in Communication - which I successfully completed (with honours) in 2022.

Highlights of my bachelors included functioning as an international student ambassador, being selected into the honours program, and certainly the opportunity to graduate with a 7-month long internship experience and a job in my hand - through which I discovered my passion for project management of marketing campaigns and brand events. 

And then there was the biking, the beautiful architecture and canals, the fun of student life, and the most amazing international and local people of course. In short, I had a great time but also missed Sydney ever since. So it’s been only a matter of time till I’d be visiting GISS which has shaped me in so many ways.

And till I’d be back looking for a job - to stay.