years 2-4 visit
martin luther church

years 2-4 visit martin luther church

We went on the bus for at least 30 minutes. Then we arrived and had morning tea. Then we got ready and went quietly into the church. In the church we got separated into boys and girls like in the olden days. The boys on the right side of the church and the girls on the left side. We had a lovely time. Some students got to read the Bible and then we got to taste the bread. And we got to see the organ and some children played on it. Then we walked a while and had lunch. Then we went to the bus and went back to school. The End - Lena

In November, the Religion students boarded the bus to visit the German Lutheran Church in Sydney.

Pastor Christian Hohl welcomed everyone and and the students had the opportunity to view the church from the inside and learn about the traditions and different parts of a church. They even had the chance to play the organ! 

ausflug klassen 2 - 4 zur martin luther kirche

ausflug klassen 2 - 4
zur martin luther kirche

Gestern in der Schule hatten wir einen Kirchenausflug. Wir sind in eine evangelische Kirche gegangen. Wir sind in die Stadt gefahren und haben dort erst einmal unser Frühstück gegessen. Und dann hat die Führung angefangen. Erst haben wir ein Lied gesungen. Dann hat der Pastor (Herr Hohl) uns etwas über die Kirche erzählt und es war sehr spannend. Am Ende durften wir sogar an die Orgel. Dann haben wir noch ein Lied gesungen. Am Ende haben wir unser Lunch im Hyde Park gegessen und dann sind wir wieder zur Schule gefahren. - Jeanne

Im November fuhren die ReligionsschülerInnen mit dem Bus in die Stadt, um die Deutsche Lutherische Kirche in Sydney zu besuchen.

Pfarrer Christian Hohl hat alle willkommen geheißen und die SchülerInnen hatten die Gelegenheit, die Kirche von innen zu besichtigen und viel über die Traditionen und Teile einer Kirche zu lernen. Sie durften sogar auf der Orgel spielen! 

primary musical assembly

jahrgang 3/4 untersucht energiequellen

Pia Hofmann

Im Rahmen des Sachunterrichts haben die Schülerinnen und Schüler der Jahrgangsstufe 3 und 4 verschiedene Formen von Energiequellen kennengelernt.

Es wurde dabei zwischen fossilen Brennstoffen (wie z.B. Erdöl, Erdgas und Kohle) und erneuerbaren Energiequellen (wie z.B. Sonne, Wind und bewegtes Wasser) unterschieden. Mit großer Begeisterung haben die Schülerinnen und Schüler diese Energiequellen in unterschiedlichen Experimenten hergestellt und getestet.

years 3/4 research energy sources

As part of a General Studies unit, the students of grades 3 and 4 got to know different forms of energy sources. A distinction was made between fossil fuels (e.g. oil, natural gas and coal) and renewable energy sources (e.g. sun, wind and moving water).

The students constructed various experiments and enjoyed testing their renewable energy sources.

Pia Hofmann

year 4 graduation

Students, parents and teachers were very excited to see the Year 4 students graduate to Secondary School. 

Students from the Junior and Senior Choirs, along with Janine Boubbov and Klemens Pedarnig, travelled by bus to the Terrey Hills Nursing Home to visit the residents and spread some joy and Christmas spirit this week.

They sang Christmas carols in English as well as several in German, and their performances were received with enthusiasm and gratitude. The students commented on how much they enjoyed seeing how very moved the elderly people were, to have the young children come to perform for them.

GISS has a long-standing and positive connection with the Terrey Hills Nursing Home, and it is lovely to be able to return there and make a difference to these people’s lives again, after such a long period of restrictions preventing us from doing so. Thank you, GISS Choirs! 

giss choirs spread christmas joy