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Two very engaged students from Year 3/4b, Annika and Aurelia, have started a weekly newspaper called 'Village Weekly'. They report about what goes on in the villages they live in at school.

edition 1 

edition 2 

edition 3 

There are two Mayors in the village (Ali and Hugo), a Vice Mayor (Ned), who is also a Scientist, an Architect (Aurelia) and a Baker (Saphira) and many other villagers. Annika interviews the many villagers, for example, about their living conditions, their jobs, or what goes on in the villages; she also writes many other interesting stories, while Aurelia is in charge of the design of the newspaper.

What a great project! To read the first three issues, click on the pages!

village weekly

Zwei sehr engagierte Schülerinnen aus der Jahrgangsstufe 3/4b, Annika und Aurelia, haben eine Wochenzeitung namens "Village Weekly" gegründet. Sie berichten, was in den Dörfern an der Schule, so passiert.

edition 1 

edition 2 


Es gibt zwei Bürgermeister im Dorf (Ali und Hugo), einen stellvertretenden Bürgermeister (Ned), der auch Wissenschaftler ist, eine Architektin (Aurelia) und eine Bäckerin (Saphira) und viele andere Dorfbewohner. Annika interviewt die vielen Dorfbewohner zum Beispiel über ihre Lebensumstände, ihre Jobs oder was in den Dörfern vor sich geht; Sie schreibt auch viele andere interessante Geschichten, und Aurelia ist für die Gestaltung der Zeitung verantwortlich.

Was für ein tolles Projekt! Um die ersten drei Ausgaben zu lesen, klicken Sie auf die Seiten!


After a washed-out 'Palm Tuesday' in March, the donkey ride, organised by Pastor Christian Hohl was postponed to 9th May much to the delight of the Kindy and Primary School children who had lots of fun being led arround the paddock on two very patient ponies. Thank you, Christian, for organising this fun event.

year 1 create mother's day cards

On Friday 5th May, 33 students our Senior Choir spent the day at the Lionel Watt Sport & Community Centre for their annual Senior Choir Day. It was a fun and intensive day, spent learning new repertoire and polishing songs already known.

The Senior Choir is looking forward to participating in the Northern Beaches Eisteddfod (as well as the Junior Choir) on 25th May, and will also perform in Sydney Town Hall in August, along with six other independent schools from the Sydney region in the IPSHA Performing Arts Festival.

There is a lot of music to be learnt, and wonderful memories to be made!

our senior choir

- Janine Boubbov