As the sun came out for Harmony Day at GISS, we celebrated our diverse cultures, religions and beliefs. Harmony day is all about inclusivity, respect and belonging something we as a school foster.

 It is also a celebration of all things that set us apart and make GISS unique. We are fortunate to have an abundance of diversity within our school community. It contributes to the enriched, inclusive learning environment where our students thrive and are challenged to live a fulfilled life in tomorrow’s modern, fast changing and challenging global society.

Harmony Day

Year 2 Excursion to the Wildflower Garden

On 26th March we enjoyed a  a few hours at the Wildflower Garden ! The weather was perfect and we spent a lovely time together.

Ranger Jenny had so much to show and tell us, from scribbly gum moths, bloodwood trees and sugar-gliders, to aboriginal bush tucker, turtles and blue-tongue lizards.

We went on a beautiful and very informative bushwalk, had time for morning tea and a play, found some muddy puddles to step in and were even treated to dipnetting in the (very full) pond!

So many experiences crammed into just a few short hours... it certainly was a wonderful morning.

Janine Boubbov