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IB Core week 

I think the visit to the teatre was a good learning expreience in which we gained insight into anew topic that many people maybe hadn't thought of before and were able to explore it with the help of the actors' Q&A session, and our prior knowledge form our Language A course. Kimberley Pratt

It was nice to experience a different form of langujage with friends that helped to get multiple perspectives. Sasha Burquest

The excursion to Stop Girl was important to see how plays can be made and perforemed to shape understandingj of theatre for Language A and also handled relevant themes of mental health understanding and support. Charlotte Pratt

I think the excursion was a nice break from school and showed a practical application for skills lernt in the English A course. Alexandra Roach

It was a good performance and the story was well conveyed with an influential message. Sebastian Pietschner

Es hat Spaß gemacht, das Werk anzusehen und mit Freunden und Schulkameraden davor und danach in die Stadt zu gehen. Korbinian Grimm

Years 11 & 12 visit the Belvoir Theatre

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