In the new ToK syllabus, the ToK Oral Presentation has been replaced with the ToK Exhibition. This is a major assessment task for this course and is worth 40% of the final ToK grade. Students are required to choose 3 objects and present these objects through a conceptual lens, by analysing how their chosen objects illustrate how ToK manifests in the real world. They need to drive their inquiry by choosing one of the set 35 IA prompt questions and, they need to link their study to one of the ToK themes, such as Knowledge & The Knower, Knowledge & Language or, Knowledge & Technology or, Knowledge & Politics.

The ToK Exhibition is a project-based learning task, driven by student-led inquiry, which requires quite a lot of thinking, pondering and reflecting, as well as opportunities to collaborate and share thinking and ideas with others. We were, therefore, lucky to be able to connect with Westbourne College to share in an online ToK Collaborative Workshop where GISS students worked with WC students in break-out rooms, to present their objects to each other and to share their ideas and analyses, according to their chosen prompt question and theme. All the groups were able to come back to the main class for an open discussion before heading back into break-out rooms for further reflection and analysis, with a slightly different group.

Everyone agreed the workshop was a huge success, effectively supporting learning in readiness to present the ToK Exhibition for the Class of 2022 as a joint exhibition in collaboration with Westbourne College, in a face-to-face environment in our Sports Hall. We look forward to inviting our Jr Sec students as well as interested teachers and parents. While we'd originally intended for the exhibition to take place as part of our Yr10-IB Transition Week in early December this year, due to Covid lockdown and health safety, our ToK Exhibition has been postponed until Term 1 2022.

Ms Annie & Mr Greenslade

Year 11 ToK Collaborative Workshop with
Westbourne College

On October 15, the graduating class invited the GISS community to the annual IB Showcase. This important event usually takes place at the end of Term 3, however, due to Covid, was moved to Term 4 and had to be online.

There were approximately 100 participants in the Teams presentation, many of whom were students from Years 9 and 10. There were many interesting questions raised and discussions held.

To view the presentation, please click here.

ib showcase

hooray!!!! ib exams... in the bag!!

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To wish the class of 2021 good luck for their exams.