Year 5 students train with Pro Alexander Baumjohann



Liebe Mitglieder der Schulgemeinde,

Term 2 ist in vollem Gang und in allen Stufen und Fächern wird gelernt. In den Stufen 10 und 12 nimmt die Zielstrebigkeit spürbar zu, denn am Ende des Schuljahres stehen die Mittelstufenexamina der deutschen Kultusministerkonferenz und die IB-Diplomprüfungen an. Auch die Vorbereitungen auf die Prüfungen zum deutschen Sprachdiplom DSD nehmen an Fahrt auf. Und natürlich wird auch in allen anderen Fächern und Stufen viel gearbeitet. All das lässt sich nicht immer plakativ auf einer Webseite darstellen. Wie fachliches Wissen, fachliche und persönliche Kompetenzen vernetzt, integriert und angewendet werden, dafür sehen Sie allerdings in dieser Gutenberg Post eine große Zahl an Beispielen aus allen Stufen zum Anschauen.

Wie vielseitig das Schulleben ist, zeigen auch immer wieder unsere Schülerversammlungen mit ihren bunten Programmen. Heute, am 19. Mai, war der Stellvertretende Generalkonsul Karl-Heinz Schmitz wieder bei uns; er konnte über 300 Schülerinnen und Schüler aus allen Stufen begrüßen und unter anderem die Schulband, den Chor, das Streichensemble und unser neues Schulvideo bewundern.

Besonders freute er sich auch über die Rekordzahl von DSDI und DSDII Diplome, die wir überreichen konnten. Eine schöne Bestätigung der intensiven deutschen Spracharbeit an unserer bilingualen Schule, die Menschen mit vielen Herkunftssprachen zusammenbringt.

Schließlich möchten der Vorstand und auch ich alle Eltern ganz herzlich zu unserer diesjährigen Jahreshauptversammlung am 25. Mai einladen. Viel ist an unserer Schule in Bewegung, was Vorstand und Schulleitung mit Ihnen teilen und diskutieren wollen. Wir freuen uns sehr auf Ihre Teilnahme!

Herzliche Grüße,
Lorenz Metzger


Dear members of the school community,

Term 2 is in full swing and learning is taking place in all years and subjects. In Years 10 and 12, the determination is increasing noticeably in preparation of the  middle school exams of the German Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs as well as the IB diploma examinations at the end of the school year. Preparations for the exams for the German language diploma DSD are also picking up speed. And, of course, a lot of work is being done in all other subjects and levels. All of this cannot always be presented in an eye-catching manner on a website. However, in the Gutenberg Post you can see from many examples  how knowledge, professional and personal skills are interconnected, integrated, and applied throughout the school.

The diversity of school life is repeatedly showcased in our student assemblies with their lively programs. Today, May 19, the Deputy Consul General Karl-Heinz Schmitz joined us again, where he welcomed over 300 students from all years and had the opportunity to enjoy and admire our school band, our choir and string ensemble, as well as the brand new school video.

He was also particularly pleased with the record number of DSDI and DSDII diplomas that we could present to our students. This again demonstrates the intensive German language work being done at our bilingual school, which brings together people from diverse backgrounds with many different mother tongues.

Finally, the Board of Directors and I would like to cordially invite all parents to this year's Annual General Meeting on May 25th. There is a lot going on at our school which the board and school management would like to share and discuss with you. We are very much looking forward to your participation!

Best wishes
Lorenz Metzger



6.30 pm mix & mingle
7.30 pm agm 

giss Multifunction room

the  candidates for the
giss board 2023

the  candidates for the board

dr rico merkert

ms desiree hemberger
human resources,staff attraction & retention

mr anthony dumont
marketing & partnerships

mr felix marian
campus development & facilities

We look forward to meeting you at the AGM.

die kandidatin und die kandidaten für  den giss vorstand 2023

Wir freuen uns, Sie an der GV kennenzulernen.

Click here to view our new promotional video, which premiered at the German Film Festival in Sydney earlier this month and was viewed by the students at today's assembly.

A very big thank you to all students, teachers and staff who participated,  with a special thank you to Franziska McCarthy for her huge efforts in the entire production.

a reminder about the kiss & drop routine

Senior Secondary

Senior Secondary (IB)

Junior Secondary

Junior Secondary





WHAT HAS BEEN HAPPENING AT GISS? | was WAR los an der giss?

was WAR los an der giss?


Ulrike Miehle/School Counsellor

Even though the World Health Organization has declared that Covid-19 is no longer
 a “global health emergency” and the end of the pandemic brought a sense of relief,
 it may not immediately alleviate feelings of exhaustion or burnout.
The following reasons might explain why many people still feel exhausted:

  • After a prolonged period of disruption and change, the return to pre-pandemic
    routines may be challenging for some people, particularly if they have adjusted
    to a different lifestyle or work setup.

  •  Even after the immediate threat of the pandemic subsides, many people may continue to experience stress and anxiety related to the pandemic's impact on their lives and the world at large.

  • The pandemic has taken an emotional toll on many people, from the grief of losing loved ones to the strain of social isolation and loneliness. Reintegrating into social settings and activities may be overwhelming or anxiety-inducing, leading to exhaustion.

  • The pandemic has also had significant physical health impacts, both directly through the virus itself and indirectly through changes in lifestyle and access to healthcare.

  • The pandemic has had wide-ranging impacts on society and the economy, and these impacts may continue to affect people's lives and livelihoods long after the end of the pandemic. This uncertainty can be mentally and emotionally draining, leading to exhaustion.

Remember that everyone's experience of the pandemic and its aftereffects was different, and there may be other factors contributing to feelings of exhaustion or burnout. It's important to prioritise self-care; this may include taking breaks when needed or practicing stress-management techniques.

If you're struggling, don't hesitate to reach out for support from family/friends, mental health professionals, or other resources in your community.

Do you feel exhausted? You are not alone.

Why do so many people feel exhausted right now?


GISS Autumn Vacation Care was full of adventures and exploration.

The students learnt Zumba moves during the GISS Parent Incursion, made snow, smoking water and boo bubbles during Mad About Science Workshop, boosted their skills during the Ninja Kids Excursion and explored the nature while bushwalking at Wildflower Garden. Some favourites were playing ‘Among Us’, a social game organised by older students, Soccer Matches, and practising skating and skateboard skills during Wheel Day.

We look forward to seeing everyone at GISS Winter Vacation Care!  (17th July – 21st July 2023)

Our GISS After School Care organised a Mother’s Day Pampering Afternoon where GISS mums decorated cookies, practised their soccer skills, played board games, took part in a yoga session with their children and much more. The lucky mums also received a beautiful gift handmade by the children.

happy mother's day from asc

We welcome a new member to the After School Care Team: Chris Rambow

giss WINTER vacation care: 17  to   21 JULY 2023


Click here for the Programme

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