Consul General of Germany, 
Mr Axel Zeidler, and Deputy 
Consul General, Mr Karl-Heinz  Schmitz, visit GISS.

Consul General of Germany, Mr Axel Zeidler,
and Deputy Consul General, 
Mr Karl-Heinz  Schmitz, visit GISS.


Liebe Schulgemeinschaft,

nach Monaten des Lockdowns ist mit der Rückkehr auf den Campus ein Stück Normalität und Menschlichkeit in den Schulalltag zurückgekehrt, und das tut gut! Auch wenn die Gestik meist noch durch die Masken versteckt ist, können die Kinder wieder natürlicher kommunizieren und sozial interagieren, und das Lernen wird wieder persönlicher, direkter aber auch kollaborativer, als das online möglich war. Endlich.

Ich freue mich, dass unser Neustart zurück auf dem Campus gut gelungen ist. Mit einer Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Covid-Schutzmaßnahmen, von den Hepa-Filtern in den Klassenräumen über diverse Verhaltensregeln bis zu räumlichen und organisatorischen Veränderungen im Schulalltag konnten wir Schüler und Lehrkräfte so gut wie möglich schützen. Viel Solidarität in der Schulgemeinde, aber auch der rapide Anstieg der Impfquoten und der damit verbundene Rückgang der Inzidenzen haben uns dabei sehr unterstützt.

Unsere IB-Schüler haben nun schon alle Prüfungen hinter sich, die Zehnklässler haben es auch fast geschafft und die Abschlussfeiern rücken näher. Schritt für Schritt wurden wieder mehr Aktivitäten und Exkursionen möglich, auf die wir lange verzichten mussten. Schauen Sie es sich in dieser Gutenberg Post an!

Herzliche Grüße

Lorenz Metzger

Lorenz Metzger


Dear Members of the School Community

After months of lockdown, we are back on campus bringing a piece of normality and humanity back to school life, which is a good thing. Even if our facial expressions are still mostly hidden by our masks, the children can once again communicate more naturally and interact socially, while learning has again become more personal, more direct and more collaborative than was possible online. At last.

I am very pleased that our new start back on campus has been so successful. With a variety of different Covid protective measures, ranging from the Hepa filters in the classrooms over the various rules of conduct to spatial and organisational changes in everyday school life, we have been able to protect students and teachers as much as possible. A lot of solidarity in the school community, but also the rapid increase in vaccination rates and the associated decline in incidences have been a great support.

Our IB students have finished their exams, the Year 10 students have almost made it, and we can look forward to the graduation ceremonies. Step by step, more activities and excursions, with which we had to go without for so long, are becoming possible again. Check it out in this Gutenberg post!

Best wishes

Lorenz Metzger

halloween AT GISS

Despite not being able to celebrate Halloween in the usual style this year, the students and staff still had fun dressing up on the day.

As many may already know, GISS is an ambassador of the a Girl & her world charity organisation. We help them support young girls in Fiji, especially as covid-19 has created an unprecedented time of need.

The pandemic has disrupted 230,000 students across Fiji and surrounding islands. Many girls do not have the resources or access to education that we may take for granted in Australia. AGIHW can help girls in rural Fiji get back to school and create income-generating projects for their families. Not only that, they are preparing a recovery program for the adverse effects of COVID in Fiji and could use our support.

The GISS community can help contribute to these efforts by making donations or purchasing Christmas cakes here

The cakes can be pre-ordered now and will arrive just in time for Christmas, making both a delicious and impactful celebratory dessert!  Even a small donation can go a long way in giving our Fijian counterparts the education and opportunities they deserve.

Thank you and Merry Christmas (almost)!
(Mia Chen)


giss students learn to scubadive


Grounding techniques can help you pull away from flashbacks, unwanted memories, and negative or challenging emotions. Grounding may help distract you from what you’re experiencing and refocus on what’s happening in the present moment, as well as creating space from distressing feelings in nearly any situation. But they’re especially helpful if you’re dealing with anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, dissociation, self-harm urges and traumatic memories.

Click here to see some grounding techniques for you to try.

The Benefits of Grounding Techniques

from after school Care

When all our students came back to ASC after the lockdown, we did a ‘Germ Bread’ Science Experiment to promote handwashing.

We used three bread pieces: one was touched by dirty hands after outdoor play, another one by sanitised hands and the third by properly washed hands, dried with paper towels. Over the last few weeks, we observed mould growing on ‘Dirty hands’ and ‘Hand sanitizer hands’ bread pieces, while the last was clear. From now on all our students follow the rules of hand washing and don’t rely on hand sanitiser anymore.

The older students suggested we should explore the mould. So to follow this up and extend their learning and interest one student brought in his microscope, set it up and everyone had an opportunity to be a little scientist.

Save the date for Vacation Care 2022: 17. to 21. January 2022

across the road, who are not only always helpful, they have also donated over 200 bottles of hand sanitiser to us.


a big thank you to sid and his crew from

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