Ich bin Georg und spiele sowohl Schlagzeug als auch Geige. Seit einem Jahr bin ich ein Mitglied der GISS Band. Frau Froidevaux hatte mich angefragt, bei der Band mitzumachen und so habe ich zur Band gefunden. Ich mag die meisten Songs, die wir spielen, und ich denke, dass wir unsere Gruppendynamik stetig verbessern. Das Beste bisher in der Band war unser zweiter Auftritt am Weihnachtsmarkt.
Georg, Year 8

I have been learning music since I was born! I am taking singing and guitar lessons since kindergarten. I really love music because you can put all your feelings into it and just sing or play about them and you will always feel so much better after it.
I have been in the Giss Rock Band since Term 3, 2023. Once at Lunch Frau Froidevaux came to me and my friend and encouraged me to join the Rock Band (of course I joined!)
I really like working together in the Band (although all members are much older than me are). I am learning to listen to others and how to work as a team. We laugh together if something went wrong, we help each other if someone doesn’t know what to do or gets lost.
What I like about the band is that you are not alone as I get nervous and have stage fright, when I am alone on stage. When I am performing in the Rock Band, I feel confident.
Ronja, Year 6

We are the 

We are the GISS ROCK BAND!