I have been surrounded by music my whole life. My entire family is filled with talented musicians, who inspired me to become passionate and determined to always keep music in my life. I have been playing piano for 6 years now of which 2 years I spent having tutoring for. I have also been singing for around 5 years and playing the guitar for 1 year.
I joined the GISS Rock Band last year. Knowing that I would go into year 12 I still decided to join the band to experience the adventures and lessons that being in this band has taught me. Initially our brilliant teachers Mr Hendry and Frau Froidevaux inspired me to join, as they needed singers for the band, and had heard my singing at another school related concert that I sang at. I like cooperating with different people and getting to know new people based on music. I’m learning that no matter how different you might be within the group, music will always reconnect the group.
Being able to say that you’ve been in a „Rock Band“ is pretty cool, but also seeing the passion of students but especially the two teachers made the experience of learning new songs and playing music for an entire afternoon, a very heart-warming experience.
Being able to grow within myself, and to gain confidence in music and in life, through the numbers gigs we played.
Ida, Year 12

I am an experienced flute player and a novice at bass, which I play in the GISS Rock Band. I've been going to the Giss Rock Band for 3 Terms. In primary school my friend was playing the flute in the school band, and I also wanted to play the flute, so I got started practicing at home and with a tutor. And when I started attending GISS I wanted to join a band to learn a new instrument. The GISS Rock Band has a chill learning environment that lets everyone show their strengths and weaknesses. The rock band had some brilliant performance's this year and one of my favourites was the Christmas market.
Jan, Year 7

We are the 

We are the GISS ROCK BAND!